The Perfect Las Vegas Weekly Rentals for Saving Big in Vegas!

When going to Las Vegas it is hard to find the perfect place to stay. First you have to decide how long you plan on staying, whether you are going for a weekend or a week, maybe even longer. If you are staying for more than a few nights, why not check out some place [...]

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Extended Stay Hotel Las Vegas Loves | Save Big In Luxury at Siena Suites

Las Vegas is a city filled with exciting events and entertainment venues to check out. Many people take short vacations to the city, maybe a weekend or three days, this is definitely not enough time to check out all the city has to offer. If you really want to enjoy the city you have to [...]

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Upscale Weekly Rentals in Las Vegas | Stay A While!

Sometimes one weekend  just isn’t enough time to spend in the great city of Las Vegas. Some choose to come down for a weekend and try to fit as much excitement as they can into two days. Two days is an extremely short amount of time to try and fit everything that Vegas has to [...]

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Weekly Rentals Las Vegas Loves

Here in Las Vegas, there is always something going on. Whether it’s on the Las Vegas strip where tourists are enjoying the sights at all hours of the day to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where they hold track car racing competitions, Las Vegas is bustling with life and excitement. Tourists from all around the [...]

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Las Vegas Short Term Rentals

If you are moving from one location to another due to home foreclosure or any other reason, the Siena Suites hotel provides affordable and comfortable Las Vegas short term rentals in a very convenient location. We provide your choice of one or two bedroom units that are beautifully decorated in a modern style. With the [...]

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