What NOT to Do in Vegas

MGM Grand at night
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Las Vegas likes to advertise that it is an “anything goes” kind of town. And while it is true that there are plenty of wild experiences to be had, it is important to remember there are some things you just don’t do.  In general, Las Vegas is like any other city in America and expects its laws to be respected and common sense to be shown. It seems many, however, see the city as some special case for inappropriate behavior. If you want to avoid a casino blacklist or looking like a fool, follow some simple advice.

Don’t Stiff the Cocktail Waitress

Cocktail Waitress
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This would seem to go without saying but many seem to feel that they need all their cash for gambling. And the enticement of free drinks while you play only reinforces this idea. The drinks may be free but the waitresses still mostly work for tips. If you want them to keep bringing you more free booze you had better make it worth their while. Pace your betting and give a little back the waitress.

Don’t Flash Your Cash

Men Flash Their Cash
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It is unfortunate, but not everyone at the casino is there to have a good time. Some are looking for opportunities to steal from the unaware. Tourists that like to play Big-Shot and show off their cash are inviting attention they may not want or expect. Don’t put your wallet in you back pocket and don’t keep your cash all in one place in a massive, showy roll.

Don’t Drink Too Much

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This is a big one and following this advice will make every other Don’t on this list much easier to avoid. You are here to have a good time, and Vegas offers some unique freedoms. Booze is often free and you are allowed open alcohol containers on the Strip. You are NOT allowed to be grossly drunk in public. Law enforcement has little tolerance for drunken behavior and you make yourself a target for crime when you become too intoxicated.

Don’t Harass Costumed Street Performers

Elvis and Zorro
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The Strip has many colorful characters and some of them make a living dressed as comic book heroes by offering photo opportunities to tourists. While they technically only work for tips, they have high expectations that a tip is coming. If that is something you are not willing to pay a few bucks for, it is an experience you can easily skip. In addition, they are there to be harassed. If you think they look silly, just ignore them.

Don’t Trash Your Hotel Room

Scene From The Movie The Hangover

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Everyone wants to take home some wild memories of their trip to Vegas, but you wise to remember that The Hangover is just a movie. Hotels take their property very seriously and you are expected to treat your stay just as if you were vacationing anywhere else. You will have to pay for any damages and you could be banned if you forget to show restraint and respect.

Don’t Bring Your Kids To the Casino Floor

Father and Daughter
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A couple decades ago Las Vegas thought to transform itself into a family vacation zone. That experiment didn’t last long and today it is again geared toward adult entertainment. Many of the big casinos offer child sitting services but they are expensive and kids will get bored quickly. If you bring your kids don’t let them loose unattended on the casino floor. Think ahead and include some non-casino bound daytime activities for them.

Las Vegas wants you to have a good time, but remember to treat the city and the people like you would in your own home town.

What behavior do you think goes too far even for Las Vegas? Comment if you have seen tourists make fools of themselves on their Las Vegas vacation.

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