Top 5 Things to do in Las Vegas for Halloween

Halloween has approached very quickly, which means it’s time to don your epic costumes and have a monster ball. If you’re lucky enough to be in the thriving city of Las Vegas this year, you’re in for a ride. These are the top five things to do to have a truly spooky week.

Playboy Bunnies in Sin City

Expect to see a lot of Playboy Bunnies (both real and pretend) during Halloween in Sin City

1. Haunted houses

Las Vegas boasts some of the most frightening haunted attractions, like Asylum and Hotel Fear. Asylum is part of the Freemont Street Experience, while Hotel Fear is a few streets away. Tickets and info can be found on the official website.

2. 5K Run

If you’ve been practicing your running technique, there’s no better time to run! You can join many races while wearing your costume.

3. Ghost tours

If you’re in for a true thrill, a ghost tour may send your hair standing on end as you explore places said to be fused with the spirits of the dead. There are sure to be plenty of ghosts roaming about during this time of year.

4. Fright Dome

Located within the Circus Circus Hotel, Adventure Dome is an amusement park that transforms into Fright Dome during October. Of course there will also be plenty of “walking dead” roaming the Dome as well, so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

5. The Goretorium

Eli Roth’s Goretorium opened earlier this month, ad you can be one of the first to experience this year-round haunted house. The Goretorium boasts nightly horror plays that just might creep their way into your dreams later.

Photo by Sarah Gerke.

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