Haunted Las Vegas: 5 Sin City Haunts Where Ghosts Have Been Spotted

If there’s one thing Vegas doesn’t lack, it’s ghost sightings. With all of the tourists and celebrities who come through Sin City, it’s no wonder there are hundreds of ghosts sightings. On your Halloween trip to Vegas this year, include visits to some of these spooky destinations in your plans.

1. Dell H. Robinson Middle School
Many of the students at this school have reported seeing an old man walk the halls. He’s always dressed like a janitor, but his hands are covered in blood.

2. Flamingo Hotel & Casino

the flamingo hotel and casino

The Flamingo – Photo by Lomo-Cam

As one of Bugsy Seigel’s main hang outs, it’s no wonder he continues to haunt the Flamingo. Guests who lounge at the pool during the night often see an apparition of the famous mobster.

3. The Luxor Hotel & Casino

The Luxor Ghost

Luxor Ghost – Photo by banoootah_qtr

Because of its unique, pyramid shape, The Luxor was the most complicated hotel to build on the strip. It was so complicated that two construction workers died during construction and are said to haunt some of the hotel rooms.

4. Carluccio’s Tivoli Gardens
The spirit of Liberace is said to have taken up residence here. Unexplained power surges, electrical outages and overall mayhem continue to occur.

5. Red Foxx’s Home

Redd Foxx

Redd Foxx – Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Red Foxx, known for his role on Sanford and Sons, still lingers in his home in Las Vegas. Doors open and close, files go missing and lights turn on and off on their own. Currently, the house is owned by a real estate company, who leaves the lights on all day for Red.

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