Huzzah! Make Way for the 2012 Las Vegas Renaissance Festival!

Renaissance Fair 3

The Renaissance festival has become a time honored American tradition. Festival goers love to take a walk through an emulated medieval period. Some festivals are short term events held in fairgrounds or other large outdoor public venues while others are permanent installations like theme parks. Most Ren-Fests tend to include a wide array of costumed entertainers, musical and theatrical acts and shows, handcrafted arts and trinkets for sale, and a cornucopia of festival foods.


The lure of the Ren-Fest can be attributed to the slew of reenactments and performers that bring the festival to life. While reenactments are certainly not exclusive to the United States, the Renaissance festival remains undoubtedly American. The Rennaisance festival has become a perfect amalgam of amusement park entertainment, historical representation, and shopping mall charm, while European style historical reenactments act more like a living history style museum of events, places, and people. Renaissance fair guests in the United States have come to expect a certain degree of food, entertainment and libation options when they attend festivals. This years Las Vegas Rennaissance Festival will give festival attendees exactly what they’re looking for, plus a little extra! Don’t miss this years Age of Chivalry festival from October 5th – 7th and book your 2 bedroom suite right near the action!




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