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Las Vegas is an amazing city that not only caters to tourists, but also offers great local discounts on dining, night club tickets, show tickets, and just about anything.  At any time and in almost any area of Vegas, you will be able to find something to do. Fast food chains and certain restaurants, like those located in the casinos, are open 24 hours a day. Some local bars and night clubs stay open till the early morning. There are also plenty of fun family things to do in Las Vegas. There are a great number of beautiful parks all over the valley and just recently, the city has funded a project that included the creation of hiking trails all over the Las Vegas valley. Although these natural hiking trails are in the city, they cut through the city and are a good distance away from regular streets, roads and commercial areas. If you are looking to make Las Vegas your home, consider staying in the Las Vegas weekly rentals at the Siena Suites.

las vegas weekly rentals

The Siena Suites is located almost directly in the middle of the city and it is a good distance from the fabulous Las Vegas strip. The Las Vegas strip is not only just a place for fun, but it is a great place to be employed. The benefits are great and the wages and tips from a casino position are very decent. So, by living in the Siena Suites, you will be able to comfortably go to and fro from home to work, and on your days off, you don’t have to go too great of a distance to find a place to enjoy yourself. Also, our suites include an exercise room and a beautiful swimming pool and spa. Our 2 bedroom suites Las Vegas visitors prefer are fairly priced. If you have any questions regarding pricing please give us a call at (702)-648-2100 or contact through our website via email.

Living in Las Vegas is almost like living in a miniature planet. There are countless tourists that venture through the city and so you can meet a great number of foreigners or fellow Americans who have traveled from out of state. With so many different types of people to meet, Las Vegas is a place that can never get boring. Also, there are a great number of activities for Las Vegas locals to enjoy, such as the Fremont Street Experience zip line where you can experience what it would be like to fly through the downtown Las Vegas area. Or you can have a more relaxing time at the Springs Valley Preserve where you can witness what Las Vegas is really like underneath all this concrete and asphalt. So, make Las Vegas your home, give it shot and if it’s just not for you, our Las Vegas weekly rentals allow you the freedom to go whenever you please.

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